Sunday, August 16, 2009

Family and NYC

Anyone who has talked travel with me knows I will drop just about anything to run off to New York City. I have to exercise all kinds of restraint, just thinking about the city right now! Mom and I traveled there in summer of 2007, and the highlight for both of us was Ellis Island. Mom's grandparents came to America in 1923 from Holland - being on the island where they had been 84 years earlier was powerful.

For Mother's Day last year, Brad and I decided to have our family name inscribed on the Wall of Honor for future generations to visit. After verifying our family had indeed passed through the port of New York (the actual ship manifest is on record!), Grandma and Grandpa Slabbekoorn's name was etched onto the wall!

My friend, Audrey, just returned from a trip to NYC, and kindly took these pictures of the inscription! Thank you, thank you!

The Wall of Honor with Manhattan in the background!

One of the three new panels that are added each year.

The Slabbekoorn Family! Unreal!

Mom and I agree - another trip to NYC is in order!

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