Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hearing No and Letting Go

I finally received the call from the director of the Cherry Creek Chorale this past Wednesday afternoon, and was told that I did NOT get the accompanist position. I was really much sadder than I anticipated, which tells me I wanted to get this job quite badly and experience all that was the Chorale. I was told I was in the top 3 of a total of 12 applicants. Not sure if knowing that makes it any easier to absorb...

Ugh. Auditions are so stinking personal - you really put yourself out there, and take it close to the heart when told no. I understand that it has to be a match - a fit, the right combination - for accompanist and director. It's just hard to separate business and passion, and when those two worlds collide, well, the tears flowed.

Only for a few hours, though. I had Disciple class that night (Bible Study) at my church, and it always helps to be around people of faith. Add to that a thoughtful conversation with Pastor Ruth Ann, and well, I was back on track by the time I drove home to Castle Rock. You know those people who step in at just the right moment and say just the right things? That would be her. She helped me re-focus my next steps, and really centered me - she is a kind and wise friend!

I've learned that being a part of the Bethany Church Council is an election process. Nominations are being held now, and the actual voting for members takes place in November. 11 people trying for 6 positions. Here we go again. I can't help but throw my hat in the ring and try for these things, right? :o) Who knows what God has in store for me!

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