Monday, September 7, 2009

Faith Formation

The spirit of faith formation is everywhere!
Here are a couple of recent faith-forming moments in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Colorado!

Captured this image while watching the live feed from the ELCA Churchwide Assembly over in Minnesota. Here's Pastor Ron Glusenkamp leading a Bible Study on Proverbs.  Peter Mayer is busy playing the guitar right next to him.  It was fun to see the synod members singing along to the new songs!

Click here to download the actual music and
read all about Pastor Ron and Peter's journey
to bring the book of Proverbs to life!

Click here to download the sheet music.
Check out the free preaching and liturgy supports, too!

My childhood church, Hope Reformed Church of Sheboygan, WI, just installed and ordained one of it's longtime members as its new Pastor! Here is Pastor Bill Te Winkle and his family, gathered at the table, about to serve Holy Communion. Both of his children, Katie and Peter, are pastors, too! Jill is on the end in black. Wonderful family!

The congregation about to partake in Holy Communion. If you look directly underneath the clock, you can see my grandma, Dot, in the white shirt, in front of the man (Gus) with the tie.

Our latest sign at Bethany: God's Work, Our Hands.
This was the theme of the ELCA Churchwide Assembly in MN.

This past Sunday, we were given the blessing of the hands. After parishioners received the bread and the wine, they had the opportunity to have their hands anointed and the following prayer said, "Dear God, Bless these hands and the work they do for Jesus. Amen."

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