Monday, September 21, 2009

Nathan's New Coat

It's been a heck of a week - there are a ton of things happening behind the scenes right now, and I'm truly feeling the stress. I'm trying really hard to keep it all in perspective; the power of prayer has been so strong over the last few days. There are lots of people in my corner, too, and my kids must have picked up on that today, as they were extra amusing. Here's just one tale of little guy that just made my day.

Nathan: Ms. G, Ms G! Do you like my new coat?
Me: Why yes, it's very nice.
Nathan: I call it my backwards coat.
Me: I see that. (He's got the zipper completely zipped up his back...)
Nathan: This way, I can keep my face warm. (pulls it up over his face)
Me: Nathan, how do see if your hood is covering your face?
Nathan: I have a friend help me walk.
Me: Nathan, how did you get into your coat?
Nathan: Same friend.


Darci said...

So funny! Today Jada and I went to look at costumes, and she saw this one that had a picture on the front. Somebody hung it up so the picture of the lady was upside down. Jada goes, "Wow, Mom. You get to be upside down for this costume! Do you want to be this one?" She thought that was the coolest thing ever! Lol!

Chance said...

So, where was his classroom teacher when he and the said friend were putting on this new coat...and walking down the hall blind hood and all...? She must really be on top of things...right....HA!

Anonymous said...

HAHA!! Brenda, feel better soon!!