Monday, September 7, 2009

Rapid Rehearsal, Super Success!

I just happened to be in the main office on Wednesday afternoon of this past week when the phone rang - it was Tim at the Douglas County Education Foundation, wondering if we could sing the National Anthem at the upcoming Colorado Rapids Soccer Game this coming Saturday! It took me all of 5 seconds to accept this incredible honor and adventure! Many thanks to the parents and students for pulling this one off on such short notice!

My tie-dyed darlings and I outside Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, CO. A total of 43 kids made the trek to sing the National Anthem on Saturday, September 5th.

Such happy campers!

Having their tickets scanned on the way into the stadium!

Getting their first glimpse of the huge
field - their eyes match the size of the field!

Still peeking and peering at the green, green grass...

I love the total mixture of wonder and worry!

We look so tiny during the official sound check!

"...the bombs BURSTING in air..."

Such focus, such concentration! Bless them!

Seriously cool photo.

You. Go that way. GO!

"What have we gotten ourselves into!?!" PRICELESS!

Hanging out on the bleachers for an hour before the game.

Now there is one happy and colorful bunch!

Hooray, Brenda Greenway! Wait....who is Brenda GreenWAY? :)
Too funny. All I know is that the kiddos were completely relieved that THEY weren't the ones singing the Canadian National Anthem on only 48 hours notice, and I learned that memorization is really hard, even when you are 30 years old!

Can I just tell you how cool it was to have the kids out there with me on the field? To have them wrapped around me was the BEST!

Look at my babes! I was one proud teacher, that's for sure!

Oh yes, those would be the COLORADO RAPIDS players!

And THAT would be Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, high-fiving ALL OF MY KIDS! How cool is that!? He actually stopped and shook my hand and told me the kids did a great job and that I have quite a voice. What a guy!! What a night!!

Madison and I, chilling after the excitement.

Mr. Evan and I, happy as can be!

(A big thank you to the Drab, Brownsberger, and MacLean families for submitting some of the above pictures!)


Ann Herrell said...

Yay! You've got some great pics there... sorry I couldn't be there to take a few for you as well. :-( Maybe next time... which sporting event will you sing at next? :-)

Chance said...

You rock Miss Greenway! What an experience for the kiddos involved!