Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Blurple Surprise

An Epiphany House Blessing - yes, I actually
wrote on my home. An awesome way to follow the star!

The 6th graders insisted on using the primary music manipulatives yesterday. Here are their rhythmic creations, dotted notes and all! I forget how fun it really is to play with multi-colored disks and simple popsicle sticks!

And of course, 6th graders being 6th graders, they were more than happy to create this lovely Turkey when I wasn't looking. Excellent use of color and form. Kudos for including the wattle.

AND, my little goobers left THIS lovely surprise on my Blurple Chair, the blue + purple chair I sit on each day to begin our lesson time. I left the chair for two seconds to retrieve my lesson book...TWO SECONDS! Oh, they just laughed and laughed. Mind you, the shriek I let loose WAS chuckle-worthy, but then again, just about anything will set off a third grader!

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