Monday, January 11, 2010

Walking Wet

Reminders of our Baptism...everywhere!  
Sunday's services provided tangible proof that we are 
indeed beloved sons and daughters of God!

Remember sweet baby Charlotte from 
Christmas Eve? Love this girl!

All babies who were baptized over the last year gathered for a luncheon in the Fellowship Hall after the last service.  A room full of little people whose families have promised to guide them in their faith journey.  Amazing!

Babies?  Did someone say babies?  
You knew it was only a matter of time before 
I'd be on the floor, playing with the kids!

Building blocks, anyone?  Love it. 
"Washed in the waters of Baptism...."  You are NEVER too old to hang something on the fridge, and here is the latest:  official completion of Disciple 1, the year-long Bible Study I so enjoyed last year!  (Monday, January 11th, actually marked Day #1 of Disciple 2 - more about this later!)   

My favorite part?  "Using your Spiritual Gift, this call is extended to Brenda Greenwald, through your baptism and in honor of all your past, present ad future contributions to Bethany Lutheran Church, the Body of Christ, and the whole world."  The whole world!  Wow!
Baptism at the 10:30 service - a wonderful family who came to know God through a fellow Disciple-friend, Barbara.  We're all smiling at this glowing reminder of faith!  Click here to listen to Pastor Ron's reminder to us all that "Walking Wet" is what it's all about!

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