Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Similar Tail

Back in March of last year, I posted an entry entitled "Fingers and Fish" that was eerily similar to the following tail!
(Get it?

ALIVE! For a moment there, I thought that my little Red fish had learned to swim upside down! Then, sadly, I realized the little guy was no longer moving. Very sad. But wait! Just as I was ready to flush him to the holy here-after, he takes a flying LEAP out of the bowl I'm dumping! I catch him, place him back in the water he just leapt from, cleaned his bowl, and asked him why he pulled such a stunt. I then apologized for making him swim in a murky, disgusting bowl. He's since stopped swimming upside down, and hasn't flown now for an entire week.
Ow, ow, ow, ow....Took a flying leap of my own off the altar the other Sunday, and landed rather hard on who knows what. This lovely triangular cut would NOT stop bleeding, which was a rather inconvenient problem seeing as how I was leading the liturgy that day in church which involved raising my hands up and down to invite the congregation to sing! My hand would NOT stop shaking, either! Pretty sure there should have been some stitches involved...

BRENDA: Noble Spirit
The meaning of my name - thanks, Van!

Love my early-morning deck views.

Mum and the Men. $10 to the person who can accurately count the number of Snowmen in her home! (I think there are even more Snowmen than Pumpkins...)

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