Friday, January 22, 2010

Not Me!

What kind of teacher would allow
these kind of things to happen
in her classroom? Not me!

I'd never let my kiddos play with the
melody disks while I wasn't looking. Not me!

I certainly wouldn't be found on the playground during my lunch break, playing with the little people instead of preparing my classroom for my afternoon classes. Not me!

I would never allow my 6th graders to hide my classroom supplies, much less let them leave me a ransom note upon exiting my classroom. Not me!

And I certainly wouldn't turn off all the lights and gather the kids in a corner to see the super cool glow-in-the-dark bracelet a 2nd grader gave me instead of teaching our lesson. Not me!

You can be assured I would never let a 1st grader grab my camera and take a million pictures all by himself instead of playing the instruments like the rest of his class. Not me!

I wouldn't be the teacher who doesn't notice when a child grabs a marker and decides to leave me a "thumbs-down" note on my easel. Not me!

And I am certainly not the teacher who allows her 5th graders to parade around the classroom with a tamborine-crowned, inflatable astronaut with a scarf. Not me!

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d.n.williamson said...

A girlfriend of mine did a "not me" post. They are pretty funny. Maybe one day, I will give it a go...