Saturday, January 9, 2010

'Tis the Season

And you thought the holidays were behind us! Here are some pics from our annual Choir Concert at Flagstone. Technically, Choir is supposed to involve kids in grades 3 and 4. Well, the 5th graders wanted to sing, too. So, of course, I let them join the fun. Then the 6th graders wanted in on the action, so they joined the Choir, too. (How was I going to tell a kiddo that they couldn't sing in choir anymore!? I couldn't have done that!) SO, that made the total number of kids in our Fall Choir rather large: 143 singing Flagstonians! WOOHOO!

Huge shout-out to Lisa Williams, who (once again!), took on the responsibility of feeding the kids. She volunteered to take the money we had collected and purchase enough Capri Suns and Popsicles for all the kids, and picked up the 40+ pizzas from Little Caesars the evening of the concert. From 5:45 pm - 6:15 pm, she helped hand out slice after slice, popsicle after popsicle. This gave me some oh-so-precious time away to finish up those last minute details, catch my breath (I had taught 8 classes that day), and actually change into a respectable outfit! Can't TELL you how much I appreciated all her hard work for our kids! Thank you, Lisa!

(Note: many fun photos removed from original post...)

Holy cow, we're a big choir! They are looking out on an absolute MOB of people in the Gym. It was standing room only by about 6:15 that evening, which folks actually did! I'd be concerned about breaking fire code...except our Fireman Dads actually parked their fire truck at the school to watch their singing kids! LOVE the support of this community!

Great job, Flagstonians!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Brenda! This is amazing,awesome, I am proud of you. Lara is proud too. You should ask Austyn if he wants to joun the choir- he is shy and won't ask-but its good for his self esteem. He was in our Angel Alert choir at church and had an amazing time. I think he would enjoy school choir too. I am proud of you and your work. Keep it up-you are awesome! Nadelle