Friday, April 24, 2009

Baby PK, the Gardening Twins, and One Little Nugget

It had been WAY too long since I had seen my Regis pals, Marcia and Corrina. Now that Marcia added baby number 3 to the brood on St. Patrick's Day, we simply had to find the time to get together! After stopping by Corrina's new house in Arvada (did I mention the indoor pool?!), we headed on over to Westminster for a yummy, cobb salad lunch and some serious kid time!

This is all we saw of Patrick Kelly (PK) for the first hour!
Isn't his tiny fist just darling!?

Here he is! Corrina and Baby PK - sweet boy!

We didn't want 4-year old twin sisters Josephine (Joey) and Corinne (Cory) to feel left out, so Corrina and I grabbed a couple of Big Sister gifts for the girls.

Here's Joey, sifting through her new garden supplies: visor, water bottle, gloves, scraper, trowel, seeds, and of course, a bubble-maker! We threw in some extra stickers for their hats, too!

He was so content just being held and rocked!
We were happy to oblige!

I turned in my video application to sing at a Denver Broncos Game this week. I'm not sure my sad little "Hi, I'm Brenda" DVD will make the cut, but I had to try! I find out within the next 3 weeks, and then there are public callbacks. Game on!

ANOTHER sweet little boy joined the world this week, too! Look at that little nugget! Henry James (Hank) was
born to my PE colleague Brian and his wife, Clancy.

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