Saturday, April 18, 2009

Odds and Ends

My camera captured the most random images this week. Enjoy!

I have some fun tambourines/percussion instruments in my classroom. Apparently, this one wanted to look just like its one-eyed owner. It broke in the classroom, and the kids though it was absolutely hysterical. First graders are so easily amused!

In yet another moment of classroom excitement, the 528-pound upright piano decided to release one of its base wheel sets. My ├╝ber strong 5th graders and I guided the injured piano to a nearby corner, where it sits, resting pathetically out of commission. At least it didn't fall flat on top of me this've seen enough X-rays for one week!

"Say hello to my little...pedometer." Accelerometer, to be more accurate. It clips onto my shoe, and uploads all my movement and activity to a health and wellness website in my school district. I sure hope it can keep up with me!

Here is my view of my little 2nd grade friends, peeking from the top of our (at that time) still functioning piano.

Introducing Calvin Dunn, the babe of a high school pal.

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