Friday, April 3, 2009

Higher Education

College Friday is the day designated to raise awareness about the importance of higher education for Colorado’s youth. You're supposed to wear your favorite college apparel, so I wore my Regis shirt and UWEC sweatshirt.
My kids and I had some GREAT conversations during the day about what it means to go to college, whether or not you have to go to college, and what to do after college.
The sweetest moments came with my first graders, who shared what they thought college would teach them, and what they would be when they grew up:

"I'm going to be a 'ninja-neer' just like my dad. He builds things."

"A dentist...the nice kind. With bubblegum flavored everything."

"College will help me be a cheerleader my whole life!"

"I'm going to be a maid. I only like clean things."

"I'm going to be a Mommy, in college and forever!"

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