Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Music, Meatballs, and Making the Trip

I'm really glad tomorrow is April 2nd. I don't particularly enjoy the first of April, other than to remember that it was the first day of piano lessons! THAT is a good thing! Mom checked on the exact year I began lessons with my next-door neighbor: 1986. Wow! That's 23 years of serious piano playing, although I certainly sat down at the piano before the age of 7 (see photo on the right, circa 1980). I can honestly say I play the piano everyday - not just because it's a part of my job, but because it is such a passion of mine. I adore the piano! It is by far my very favorite instrument - versatile, expressive, comforting. Yeah, piano!

Random classroom story: I was introducing our first grade lesson on the "Carnival of the Animals" by Saint-Saƫns, and my kids were doing a quick RallyRobin (a bouncing back and forth of ideas between partners), listing as many animals as they could. Most groups were quickly naming off dog, cat, tiger, bunny, etc. Here's the exchange I overheard from one pair:

Caleb: Lion.
Brian: Tiger.
Caleb: Elephant.
Brian: Giraffe.
Caleb: Meatball.
Brian: Meatball?
Caleb: Yeah! I eat meatballs!
Brian: We're talking about animals!
Caleb: Well, I eat animals, too!
Brian: can keep meatball!

Oh! Allison is back in BlogLand, too! She posted a video of her daughter making her son laugh! There is something so WONDERFUL about listening to pure joy! Look at the eyes on these two! Yeah, Zelems!

We had the weirdest storm today: thunder, snow, rain, and pellets. Very odd. Thankfully, it waited until school had let out, so the kiddos were home before anything actually hit the ground. The storm did begin just before 5:00 pm, however, and made me wonder if I was going to make it to Bible Study tonight. Thank goodness for traffic cameras - I was able to see that the roads were clearer up by church. I made it to and from church without any major incidents - pouring rain/snow on the way there and a little slick on the way home. I was so happy I got in the car and made the trip!

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Allison said...

I love the pic of you at the piano! So cute! I always wanted to play the piano. Thanks for the shout-out!