Thursday, April 16, 2009

Only Crushed

Good grief. I should know better than to say anything about not having to visit my local ER out loud. So dumb. I was 40 minutes into our morning choir rehearsal, happily singing and conducting my little kids, when I exuberantly threw my hands into the air for one final move. Bad move.

My right hand flew full force into the corner of the TV cart, sending me into unbelievable pain. The knot in my hand formed immediately, and I had to fight the sickening nausea. Oh, that hurt. My poor hand swelled to the size of a bear's paw, and my kids knew I was in pain. They got me an ice pack, and we finished the last 10 minutes of our rehearsal with me playing just the left hand of the songs.

I iced the injury all morning, wrote some rather pathetic sub plans, and drove to the nearest, workman's comp-approved clinic, where they took multiple X-rays of my swollen hand. The doctor said that my X-rays showed I had crushed parts of the top of my hand, but hadn't actually broken anything. Whew!

I did convince the doctor to give me a copy of one of my X-rays! Too cool! This is the view of my right hand, as seen from the back. Aren't my non-crushed bones amazing!? So, I'm at home, icing my brilliant injury. I am thrilled that I didn't need to be casted or put into a splint. Still, that didn't make typing this blog entry with one hand any easier!

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully tomorrow will be a snow day and you can ice the crushed bones of your right hand while sipping hot cocoa with your left hand.