Monday, February 15, 2010

All You Need is...

...LOVE! (doot, doot, doo, doo, doo!)

All you need is...the awesome sign outside
my church this week! Love it!

All you need is...a guardian angel that keeps you from breaking your arm when you accidentally slip on the ice and slide your entire arm UNDER the guard rail near your apartment. Ho-ly mo-ly, I should be in a cast. Or still flat on the ground...

All you need is...a heart shaped bruise
on your leg near February 14th.

All you need is...a sweet little newborn named Greyson!
Here's Jamie and Luke's baby boy!

All you need is...those tiny hands and feet!

All you need is...a well-coordinated singing partner for Sunday morning services! Here's Abby and I on Transfiguration Sunday. And no, we did not plan to wear the same colors. We're just on the same wavelength - sang some tight harmonies for all three services!

All you need is...a little common sense when doing the laundry at the age of 30. Mother of Pearl, did I really do this!? HA! Washed the sweater I wore on Sunday and then forgot to take it out of the DRY load. Awesome. It is soooo tiny! Glad we captured the picture above - last time I'll be wearing this outfit!

All you need is...a mobile blood bank, willing to take your blood! After the services on Sunday, I headed over to a nearby church to donate some blood. NOT my favorite thing in the world to do, but really felt the need to give back. The irony of giving blood on Valentine's Day did not escape me...

All you need is...a squishy little heart to keep the blood moving. Unfortunately, my blood moved for the first 2 minutes, then stalled. That meant we got to rotate the needle. Try it sometime. Lovely.

All you need is...a little patience and the blood starts to eventually move. I was one of six people inside the bus, all of us hooked up to the blood bags we filled. Creepy and fascinating all at the same time.

All you need is...a well-painted, nicely heated, happy little bus filled with nice nurses and medical personnel who help make giving blood not that big of a deal, who answer all your questions, and who give you a nice juice box and crackers when you finish without panicking or passing out!

All you need is...some sky blue wrapping tape to cover
up the gaping wound...I mean...tiny little puncture wound.

All you need is...a little bit of time alone in the Sanctuary to play and sing through some songs, relax from a long week of computer work, and the chance to take this cool picture!

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d.n.williamson said...

Brenda Walsh and Dylan McKay donated blood on Valentine's Day on an early episode of Beverly Hills 90210. Just sayin'...