Saturday, February 6, 2010

Family Faith Night

Family Faith Night is an evening where parents and children gather together to worship in a relaxed, comfortable, family setting.  They share a lesson, a meal, and then a worship service complete with song, communion, and a mini-sermon. Our focus tonight was LOVE!

Our Souper Bowl of Caring event is tomorrow, 
so the kids helped prepare the soup and baked biscuits.

Bless their hearts, the gloves were made to fit adults, so watching the kids try to fit their little fingers into the finger slots was a hoot!    The kids would just get the gloves on, and then the weight of the dough would make them slip off again!  HA!

Check out the little guy's face!  

Such an ooey, gooey joyful mess!

Again with those gloves!  HA!

We brought in cookie cutters of all shapes and sizes.  People are going to be eating biscuits tomorrow in the shapes of alphabet letters, numbers, Santas, snowflakes, acorns, gingerbread men, and lots and lots of hearts.  

Never can have enough CHEESE!  Go, Parker!

The mini-sermon on 1 John 4:12:  No one has even seen God, but if we love one another, God lives in us and God's love is made complete in us.  

Yes, this is me in pink.  Promised Mom I'd take a picture of me not only wearing bright pink, but with LOVE on the front.  So not the usual Brenda pic!  AND, what's really quite amusing is that I just set the camera on the counter and took the picture.  The flowers really were on the stove and the LOVE sign really was right there on the fridge.  LOVE it!

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