Thursday, February 11, 2010

Floating and...Foam?

Check out my little floating friend!

Hey! My red fish has learned to float
on his side at the top of his tank!
Good job, little buddy...oh,, MAN!

Don't be alarmed! I simply blew in his tank,
and off he swam. Again. Tricky little bugger.

That's right, the birthday girl.
The big 31 on Tuesday. Booya!

Mystery packages from Mom and Dad.
Is this not the CUTEST paper?

Taking guesses on what on earth this could be.
It rattles, so it can't be air freshener.
Maybe it's a spray can of fake foam.
What do YOU think it is?

Valentine Bag from one of my kiddos.
LOVE the colors!


Allikaye's Mama said...

Happy birthday to you!!!!

Cathlyn said...

Maybe it's marbles. Or maybe it's paint chips. Or maybe it's rocks. Or maybe it's a bottle of wine that got broken in shipping. Or maybe it's crayons!