Saturday, February 6, 2010

If you plant it...

...they will grow!  Ideas, craft projects, flower bulbs, you name it.  Plant the idea in my head, and it's bound to blossom into some kind of creation!  For example....

Example #1:  Joni mentioned she'd love those cool chocolate roses for Family Faith Night.  Game on!  She did draw me a nice picture, and thankfully, others on the internet had posted step by step instructions on how to actually make them.  (Stick 2 chocolate kisses together, end to end.  Shove wire stem through kisses.  Wrap in red cellophane.  Secure with tape.  Add leave, etc. Wrap, wrap, wrap with floral tape.)  Whew!  

Supplies:  stems, leaves, baby's breath, chocolate kisses, sticky floral tape

Supplies NOT on the original supply list:  patience, the ability to resist eating chocolate, fingers with enough dexterity to make more than 4 roses at a time, goo-remover for the sticky tape that will never come off of your fingers, and did I mention, patience!?

I think this is looking pretty good for my first attempt!
Hooray!  I have ONE done...

Hooray!  I have SIX done!

Hooray!  I have 32 done!  Whew!

Not QUITE as beautiful as the real thing...
but awfully darn close!

Example 2:  lots of my original ideas go through a bunch of different stages before they are completely flushed out.  Case in point:  the bulletin board at church.  Since I'm always at church, I walk past this thing 10-15 times a day, so just when I've forgotten about it, I walk past it, and start thinking how I could change it!  Here's how it looked in October.

I broke Bulletin Board Rule #826 when I just put up text. Colorful, yes.  Informative, yes.  Text I had created...but, out of context, had little meaning to everyone else.  I felt the need to connect our values to the PEOPLE of our church, thus the need for PHOTOS!  I have this feeling this isn't the last time you'll see a metamorphosis of this board...

This isn't an example of an idea of mine - it is an example of something that will certainly bloom and grow, thus, it's going to be included in this post!  

Do you ever have so much to do that you have no idea where to start, and then you end up doing something completely different!?  Welcome to this past Thursday.  Bajillions of things to do at church, yet, I arrive at church to find this ditch, just waiting to be filled with bulbs.  Computer work....DIRT WINS.  

This would be Joel.  Direct of Finance and Administration Joel.
Going to dig a ditch and get those bulbs planted Joel.   

This is the BEFORE picture....
and you'll have to wait until Spring to see the AFTER!

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