Tuesday, February 16, 2010

31 Years Young

Happy day!  Today, my 31st birthday, was pretty crazy.  It was my first day back to work in 3 weeks, which was an adjustment in and of itself.  The intercom went off a million times during the day, telling us the water pipes were broken...then fixed...then broken...then....you get the point.  Makes for a rather fragmented day!  Plus, I always forget just how exhausting that first day back really is.  And I'm always delighted to be reunited with the kiddos.  Always entertaining.  

Gosh, I feel so loved.  Thanks, Facebook buddies! 
Si!  Si!  ¡Tiempo del partido para todos!
Don't you feel happier just seeing this card?

My parents think I'm moo-ving on up in age...

Sweets from Wisconsin!  Woohoo!

Remember the mystery gift?  Well, ta-da!  It's a can full of candy!  Mom works for a cleaning company, and they made up these cool cans with fake labels and filled with goodies!  Sweet!

I'm all about instant joy!

"...on or around taste buds."  Love it.  


Peace.  Lots of fun phone calls throughout the day, great e-mails and e-cards from friends and family near and far, hugs from the kiddos, and dinner with a dear friend made the day just wonderful.  As was the news that the water pipe had officially NOT been fixed, and school was going to be closed tomorrow.  Works for me!

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Anonymous said...

I got the same casserole cookbook for Christmas from my parents...hmmm, wonder where they shop! :)