Sunday, February 21, 2010

Love Me Tender

Once again, I'm in amazement of my kids. The latest: I had my guitar out from a previous class period, and of course, the kids come into the music room ooh and ahh and want to play it. I take a poll of who really plays the guitar, and (predictably so) the whole class is ready and able. Riiiight. This little guy, however, says he can 'pluck out a tune'. Now THOSE were the words I was listening for. Guitar words.

So, I hand over the guitar, let him sit in the blurple chair, and pray he really does have a song to offer. THAT's when I was stunned into silence: the little guy perfectly plucks out "Love Me Tender" on this instrument. I can play two chords on that thing, and he sits down and gently serenades his entire class. The kids could tell I was entranced - and quite frankly, a bit teary. What a wonderful way to end a crazy, hectic week!

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