Monday, May 31, 2010

Mission: Flagpole

All I need is a flagpole.  A simple flagpole.  
I have this great Pirate flag from a choir kiddo, 
and now I just need to fly it from a pole.  
Easier said than done.  

The best laid plans are ALWAYS on a napkin, are they not?
We did a little scheming, and I set off in search of my supplies.  

Too wooden.

Too big.

Too metal.  

The pole I eventually ended up finding is about 200 feet tall, which thanks to my incredible depth perception skills, was a complete joy to purchase.  Nothing like smacking every single sign on my way to the register.  Had I not exited on my own, I'm pretty sure the security guards (what security guards!?) at Home Depot would have escorted me right out the door.  

I was also busy painting this weekend.  
We're going to be a colorful Pirate Choir, I tell ya.  
Here's a sneak peek...

Wood you happen to know what this might be?

I know you'll treasure this.

Back to the flagpole.  And the power drill.  
All good flagpoles need power drills, do they not?

Hey!  This might actually work!
Hooray for napkins!

1 comment:

Kat said...

Yowsa! That is quite the project you have going on.
I would have loved to see you carrying that huge pole around Home Depot! HA!