Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just a Bunch of Singing Lutherans

Okay, how fun is this:  Friday night, I joined a bunch of friends from Bethany for a "Beer and Hymn Sing" in the basement of the Thin Man bar on 17th street in Denver.  Seeing as how most Lutheran hymns started off as bar songs anyway (really - they did!), this was the perfect combo!  You all KNOW I'm not a bar regular, so singing all these sacred hymns in a bar was just a hoot!  We knew a couple of local Lutherans in the room, but other than that, it was just a big ole gathering of cheerful, singing people!  Harmonies, descants - these people sang with gusto!  Too fun!

Amy, Jessie, and Marie - song packets for all!

Well, aloha!  Apparently, Sarah and I are not exactly photogenic in the basement of a bar!  HA!  Plus, I took this picture during a song, so that wasn't exactly fair!  "Low in the Grave" had to be one of our favorites - we nailed that one!  "Up from the grave he arose (he arose!)"

Kevin, our Youth Director, hanging out in the front row

Piano Man!   This guy just sat there the whole night with his oxygen tank nearby and played and played and played!  What a guy!  (His tip jar was full by the end of the evening.)

Much better.  It was SO hot in that little room!  
What fun!

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