Saturday, May 22, 2010

Just Another Half Mile to Go!

The Faithful Soles walk again!

The Habitat Hustle 5K was today, and we've added
some members to the team! Hooray, Bethany!

Can we say W I N D Y ? ! ? !

Traci and her daughter, Taylor. RUN, Shahans, RUN!

A day at the beach. (You KNOW how much I
miss my water, even if it looks like...this!)

Hang on to your croissants, people,
it's going to be a blustery day!

Sarah catching the corner-rounding of the RTG.

These geese kept following us...

Other than the AMAZING blue beauty, can you spot
the medical helicopter? We had it on standby in
case any of the Faithful Soles needed help. :)

...told you they were following us...

Sarah and the Palm Cross. Off we go!

Helicopter's back. Hmm....

Loving this Saturday morning walk!

They're baaaaaack...

Too bad nobody thought to bring a camera....

Sarah and I and WATER and DENVER! JOY!

RTG offering some encouragement to the peeps
up ahead of us. We tried lapping them. Didn't work.

I may not be afraid of MY shadow...

Palm Cross hand-off from Mark, Amy, and Andrea! (I had run back to them earlier in the race so they could carry it with them for a while, and we ended up passing each other on the double-secret-just-kidding-you-aren't-quite-done-with-the-race-even-though-you've-passed-the-finish-line-and-you-have-to-run-another-half-mile-yet lap.)

LA-CY! LA-CY! Mark finishing the race!

SPRONK right behind...

And Amy and her new shoes!


Another day in the life of this Hustler.

Click here to learn more about Habitat for Humanity here in Denver!

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