Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spring in Castle Rock

It was a lovely Thursday in April.  
A long walk in Castle Rock..

Clouds above, not a care in the world.

UNTIL the next morning, when 17+ inches of snow 
decided to fall upon my lovely, carefree world.  Seriously.  
Spring?  Winter?  Spring?  Winter?

Oh, sure, it's pretty to look at.
Not so pretty to drive in, thank you very much.  

Faith Alive In The Home (FAITH) Conference at Bethany.  Personally, I'm not very fond of centerpieces.  Especially, when they block my view of the person across the table with whom I should be speaking.  SO, here was my solution.  I think it's quite charming.

What?  Blue sky has returned?  Crazy Colorado.  
Needed some time to just SWING. To FLY.

A bit concerned to see crime scene tape on the playground...

A fireplace?  Really?  

For someone who adores color, I'm really 
liking  black and white photography lately.

Craft for the Family Retreat at Bethany.  Before...

...after!  Love this verse.  

Snow?  Was there a snowstorm recently?!?

Do you see what I see?
LOVE it!  

The mere suggestion of painting a wall is enough to throw me into action!  Here's the north wall of my living room before (mind you, it was about 1030 pm at night...)

(the name of this color is 'Heartstrings')

...after!  Woohoo! 
Red/Pink/Orange= Life!  Energy! JOY!

Check out these May flowers!  Somehow, 
I resisted the urge to snatch them up for my home.

Who ya gonna call?  Weed busters!  They should know by now that I'll somehow find fun in everything I do, including killing the weeds during our clean-up day at church!  I had a blast (ha!) zapping all the weeds.  Sound effects included.

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