Friday, May 28, 2010

Little Faith Formers

I took this photo while traveling along I-25
I spend hundreds of miles on this road each week.
The sky has never looked like this before.

Bethany Early Childhood Center (BECC) Spring Sing!  These are the little people I hang out with when I'm off-track - when I need a little playtime.  They were darling, unpredictable, precocious, and so incredibly lovable.  They sang their little hearts out as their moms and dads watched from the pews.  Love these little faith formers!

May 27th was a long, tiring day.  Loooooooong, tiring day.  
This, however, left a smile on in my heart at the end of it all.  
Setting sun.  Children at play.  
All is well.  

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