Saturday, May 22, 2010


Odd.  Colorful.  Amusing.  
Some photos about Flagstone:

The yearbook arrived this week!  32 colorful pages of children and smiling faces.  Tons of hours of work and care and detail.  Shout out to Nicola and Annie - we worked super hard, and the book looks great!  Hooray!

AND, who knew a couple of years ago that, someday, the Mission Song I penned would be on a MUG!?  HA!  There it is!  (to the tune of "Alouette")  How fun!

Art and Craft Fair at Flagstone today.
Check out these odd looking soap ducks.
Odd...yet somehow cute enough to make it home with me!

Didn't expect to see THIS in the school library...

Glitter bling!  Super cool combo of some kind of special glitter glue and then a whole bunch of sparkles.  Supposed to last a couple of days, which should be awfully amusing tomorrow, when I'm helping serve Communion at church...!

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