Friday, May 21, 2010

Slice and Dice

The morning began with my ever-amazing cooking skills setting off the smoke alarm in my home.  6:15 am and I'm waving folders at the ceiling, attempting to get the shrieking to stop.  Awesome.

Outdoor Field Day at school today.  9 am - 2 pm.  2 million pieces of watermelon.  100 mph winds.  Lots of little people.

Really, REALLY little person...Asher!  
Here we were today in 2010...

...and here we were back in 2009!  
That little guy is getting big!

Horse on a Stick.  Yeah...
One of the stations for Frontier Field Day.

This just cracked me up:  the PE teacher sent home this note, asking for watermelon donations, and this melon was returned with the sign TAPED to it.  Just in case we didn't know why the large green fruit might have suddenly appeared at school.  Brilliant.

Like I said...2 million pieces of watermelon...

HA!  Brenda and one really sharp knife!  One of my colleagues caught this pic.  I'm sorry, but the first HACK into those things was really fun! Hiiiii-YA!

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