Thursday, December 9, 2010

Advent-ures in Waiting

Well, there you have it.
November 28: the first day of Advent.
It's so nice to re-minded to re-center. Re-focus.

Peace. Quiet. Candles. Home.

"Hope" - an angel by Delia.
RTG used this photo in a recent devo: Hope and Lazarus

Ah, color. That's more like it!

I could write an entire blog post on this one photo.
Reflection. Light. Balance.

Now, I know the wreath is all LIGHTING the candles,
but something about the just-extinguished
source of light adds to the mystery of it all.

We also know I'm not not allowed
to have real flames at home,
so this wreath/tree-topper will just have to do!

December 5: Week 2 of Advent

A rose for baby Zachary, born this week.

Reminders everywhere.

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