Friday, December 10, 2010

Camels and Cameras

Driving away and had to go back for this pic.
Rather thankful the neighbors didn't call to report a
strange woman lurking in the darkness with a camera.

Chancel Choir practicing for their holiday concert.
I'm just a symmetrical kind of gal.
And I'm still outdoors with my camera.

Seriously. A camel in the Sanctuary. Darling.
Strange, but darling.
"Camel Lot" - Sunday School musical.
Sunday, Dec. 12. 10:30 am. Join us!

Nothing says "I love my new Bundt Cake Pan" like a
massively frosted bundt cake. I love my students
(and their cooking mothers!)

Sarah found this huge JOY light display on a fence in our church neighborhood. I won't tell you how many wrong turns I took trying to find a giant JOY display on a random fence in the darkness, but let's just say I was prepared with my story, had I been stopped by the police.

Again with the camera. In the dark.


I don't know what YOU received for
your first night of Hanukkah, but this little one
was over the moon with her tie-dyed Slinky.
You know you want one.

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