Monday, December 27, 2010

Lots of Cheese and A One-Eyed Deer

Finally! The post that includes all the laughs
and smiles from the last week of school!

God bless my Morale Pal. What did they leave for me?
Why, yes. That's a hunk of cheese. BOOYA!

Received this photo and a sweet e-mail from a Flagstone family:

"My father, the kids’ “Papa”, lives in Franktown on 10.5 forested acres full of wildlife. He feeds the birds, puts scraps out for the fox, amuses at the flock of wild turkeys, and has several “pet” deer that he feeds regularly. They are so tame that they come up to the sliding glass window to alert him they are ready for breakfast, sometimes the bucks will tap their antlers on the house – it’s very bizarre.

He has a special soft spot for one he named Scar for her battle torn leg. She also suffered a blow to her left eye that has since clouded, and she’s completely blind on that side. She is the sweetest thing, had a calf last year, and is a very good mother. He talks to her like a dog owner would a little puppy.

The kids have fed her by hand (standing inside the porch holding a bucket on the outside of the mostly closed glass door), and her new nickname is Ms. G. She’s a favorite, just like you."

Christmas Break could not come fast enough!

What looks like an edible football was the chocolate
CHEESEcake my Moral Pal left me. Bless them.

My kids rock: check out the Army men on their project!

Hand-made charms! They look
awesome on my flower bud vases!

Sense a theme!? I mean, this IS the CHEESE stands alone blog...

Some kids brought me a plate'o'goodies (from a trusted teacher) during the LAST hour of the LAST day of school. They know how to make Ms. G. happy. :)

We can't sing without my cat!"

Not sure if I love the T-shirt manufacturer or the
parents that purchase these awesome pieces of clothing more!

Check out this fabric! Three kiddos came to school in absolutely BEAUTIFUL hand-made skirts. Their mothers had used this fabric and the finished products were stunning.

Just trying to be formal.

Personalized HAND soap!
Grateful. Friendly. Clean. Cheerful. Strong.
Helping. Kind. Willing. Caring.
Joyful. Prayerful.

A happy time!

Just a little appreciation.

Yup. We did it again.
More glitter-covered Jingle Bell Pine Cones.
(The kid brought more for the other classes.
What was I going to say? No!?)

A colleague made these awesome soap reindeer.

Paper. Rock. Scissors....and so much more!
Second graders learned a Japanese song to go along with this game, and were singing it on the playground before school. Happy music teacher. And these were all BOYS! BOOYA!

Chocolate treats from the kids - such detail!

Sing it with me now:
"All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth..."

I will see you in the new year, my little friends!

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