Friday, December 10, 2010

Americans All

Booya! Another choir, another time to enjoy singing little people. "Americans All" was our theme, with songs from Germany, South Africa, Korea, Ireland, and Israel. My former student, Emil, stopped by (check out his website here) and sang an original Christmas tune with the group. Close to 90 kiddos this semester!

Sweet peas! Emil's sister and cousin, after
the show the other night (Monday, Dec. 6)

Colorful bunch!

And there's Emil. Awesome 16 year old.

Pretty sure every kid in choir left with either a rubber bracelet, poster, t-shirt, or signed CD. Such groupies. Oh, wait...I have all these things, too... :) A great role model for all my young singers and so exciting for this 10th year teacher!

My colleague captured this pics during our
assembly today (Friday, Dec. 10). So many kids!
(keep in mind the gym lights makes everyone look jaundiced)

Singing away!

All the letters in order - both concerts!

These brothers are awesome!
(and those headbands rock)

They are moving so fast, their legs are a blur!

Added a few xylophones to the mix.

"Put your hands in the air!"

Lots of people, lots of movement, lots of joy!

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