Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pinky and the Pine Cone

The life of an elementary music teacher.
Always amusing.
Always entertaining.

Part 1: The Pinky Finger

9:20 am: My pinky finger becomes stuck inside the xylophone.
Yes, stuck. In the mallet hole.
Don't ask.

I'm not sure what's more amusing: the fact that at age 31,
I'm still doing stupid things with my fingers...

...or that a kid actually grabbed the camera off of my
desk and captured the look of semi-panic on my face.
I was trapped and getting a little bit anxious.

Honestly. Never a dull moment with Ms. G.

(I'm typing this post with both bands. A little soap

got the little guy free from the instrument.)

Part 2: The Pine Cone

About a month ago, a kiddo brought in an awesome Jingle Pine Cone. (Click here to view the delightful dangling ditty.) I noted how cool this instrument was and how fun it must have been to make it. My kids agreed, and wanted to make one, too, but I mentioned it would be tough to get that many pine cones.

Silly, Brenda.
Never mention random classroom needs in front of the children.

Yesterday, a child comes to my room with 48 pine cones, and announces to his class that we now have the supplies to make these lovely instruments, and we'll be making them in class tomorrow. Well, then.

SO.....I ran to the store to get the REST of the supplies we would need: 270 jingle bells, 200 pipe cleaners, 1 can of tacky spray, and 3 bottles of red, green and silver glitter. Bring it on.

Gathered the goods and tried to make a sample.

Not a very happy camper when the
red glitter bottle spilled at 11:30 pm...

This just might work!

The little people had a BLAST!
We talked all about handmade instruments...

... how a bells actually jingles...

"It's working, Ms. G! My pine cone is ringing!"

We love color at Flagstone.
LOTS of color.

Spray glue + glitter = awesome. NOT.

Looking good!

Honestly, this is never going to come off of my fingers...
Yes, I'm wearing an apron.
You try crafting with kids without getting covered in whatnot.

Happy pine cones, happy children.

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