Monday, December 27, 2010

Season of Light

Some sweet moments from the season of light:

You know I can't resist singing small people: here are the children of BECC (Bethany Early Childhood Center) during their Christmas program.

Goodness, they are sweet and so genuine in letting their light shine!

Grace. Peaceful Grace. This darling is the daughter of a high school friend. She shared this photo on her blog, and it has made me stop and pause throughout the season.

Four, flaming candles on the Advent Wreath!
The Christ candle lighting is near!

A time for reflection.

Incredible moon over Castle Rock.

"...and the lesser light to rule the night..."

Happened to be awake during the Lunar Eclipse. Halfway there!

Yet another sweetheart: here's Wes, the son of one of my college roommates during an "Ask the Weatherman" segment on their local news.

Grace joined her brothers around
their family Christmas tree. AMEN!

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