Monday, December 27, 2010

Ring Out the Bells

Ring out the bells! Second season of ringing the bells at the City and County Building in Denver. 10 keys total (when they are all working). C D E F G A B B-flat C and D. LOTS of Christmas tunes you can play with just those keys! (when they are all working)

Bigtime improvement when it came to WHERE I played the tiny keyboard. Last year's room was downright frightening!

The computer system was moved to the 4th floor, and even though I still stare at a blank wall, at least I didn't fear for my safety!

The candy canes make all the different, don't they?

Star light, star bright.

See the tiny green tower? That's where the bells hang!

Pay no attention to the lady hiding in a tree to get this picture.

Peace on earth!

If you look the OTHER way,
you can see the Capitol across the park.

Until next year!

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