Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fingers and Fish

It has been an absolutely lovely weekend. The temperature is currently 71º at 6:00 pm and the sky is true, Colorado blue. Yesterday was a day at the theater, and today was church, followed by an always enjoyable brunch with Marie. We had attended a budget meeting for church, which naturally lead our conversation toward our school situations, also involving budgetary matters. We can't seem to get away from anything budget related - important information, though, and it was nice to be able to converse with someone who is up to speed on the the subject.

I've been working my tail off, putting the finishing touches on the yearbook. There are over 100 additional candid photos in this year's book, so it's taken a bit longer to digitally assemble than usual. The company, however, has been amazing, and their speedy online software has allowed three people to work on the book at once. Nicola and Kelly were my partners in crime this year, and they were awesome!

While all those pictures were uploading this afternoon, I decided my still-living fish deserved a clean bowl. I was completely done with the first bowl, and had just about completed the second, when I scraped my middle finger on some raised bump of glass at the bottom of the bowl. Big ole gash. Lots of blood. For a moment, I wondered if I should be driving myself to Sky Ridge, my friendly local hospital. Thankfully, it finally stopped bleeding, and while I certainly had enough strength left to grab the camera (you can see the vertical slice - it's almost 3/4 of an inch! OUCH!), you could use the gash in my middle finger as a puppet! Ugh!

Here are my happy fish in their clean, glass bowl.
I can't believe the little swimmers are still alive!

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Corrina said...

Thank you for the update on the pet fish. I always like to hear happy updates about them. Way to go, Bren! lol!