Friday, March 27, 2009

Tune Up

Well, we are on Day 2 of no school - isn't snowy Castle Rock quite the sight!? I did get some time in on the elliptical, which always makes me feel better. Nothing like walking and striding to Bon Jovi to start your morning! I went outside after that to dig out my car - not too bad. Ended up shoveling the sidewalk of our apartment complex, too. I had energy to spare!

I called Chantel, my science colleague at school, and she kindly agreed to swap kids on Monday, allowing me one last day to practice with D Track before their 3:00 pm assembly and 6:30 pm concert. That will give us a moment or two to figure out the last minute details - not ideal, but better than nothing! My younger kids are ready - it's my 5th/6th graders who need the extra practice. They certainly have the will - they just need to have time on the xylophones and autoharps.

Oy! That reminds me - tuning autoharps is one of the most musically painful jobs out there! Each string needs to be to be tuned (between 30 and 40 strings PER instrument!) You have to physically tweak/twist each one until it matches the desired pitch - oh the pain! My ears go beserk after tuning one of them, and I have 7 autoharps to tune for the concert on Monday! The kids do adore strumming them, though, and that makes it all worth it. You should see their glee when I hand out the picks for strumming. Love it!

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