Friday, March 13, 2009

My Inner-Youth

Young people need models, not critics.
John Wooden

While I'm not always sure what kind of role model I am to my kids, I know that I try each and every day to let them know they have someone who won't judge them standing in their corner.

Here's a letter from a former 6th grade student:

Dear Ms. G,

I am writing to you on the account that you have been a major impact on my education. I always feel ready to learn when I walk into your room - yeah right! Your class rocks! You've made old people, that were the composers of their time, sound awesome, and we crack jokes about them. You host the best special because you're the coolest, funniest and most energetic!

I like how you can relate to us by seeing movies like Pirates and you can talk about it. It's a nice way to keep in touch with your inner-youth. You're the funniest, too. I liked when I wore pants that zipped into shorts and you told me "Boy, put your pants on!" Good times, uh?! I can picture you right now, you're saying, "Good Lord!"

With lots of laughs,

Marc A.

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