Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Brewer Bonanza

Spent the first part of Tuesday with Dot. And her CRV.
Hmm...DOT has a blue car.
MOM has a blue car.
BRENDA has a blue car.
I see a pattern here...

Miller Park in Milwaukee. Mom's boss threw out
the first pitch at the Brewer Game, and we sat
in the company's luxury box. So spoiled. :)

Check it out - the Brewer's mascot (a person who had to have been absolutely melting in the sweltering 90+ degrees and that big ole costume) gets to slide down this banana-colored slide if there is a homerun. Sadly, the slide didn't see much action.

Well, duh.

There's Mom's boss, Herb.

ROCKY! ROCKY! Not a bad toss.

Sweltering...yet still smiling. What you can't see are the dozen 12 year old boys in the luxury box next to us, eating anything and everything they could get their hands on. We were taking bets on who was going to toss their cookies first. I have an idea: you must be over 18 to enjoy a luxury box. I know, I know. This coming from the teacher. Honestly - you have no idea how loud 12 year old boys can yell...


My camera rocks. You can see the BALL!

Only in Wisconsin would there be a competitive Sausage Race. Yes, Sausage Race. Click here to learn more - they actually have their very own Wikipedia entry. What a kick.

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