Saturday, July 17, 2010

It Moved

The thought of getting my classroom into shape for the upcoming school year was gnawing at my subconscious all night. So, I headed to Flagstone in full-on attack mode, ready to chip away at whatever I possibly could today. GAME ON.

Oy. It always gets worse before it gets bettter, right?

Mother of Pearl. I forgot about the closet.

Ok, so YOU might be able to quickly realize this wasn't an animal, but it MOVED when I pulled the drawers forward, costing me a good 15 minutes as I squealed and jumped up onto my desk. Could have been a mouse hiding in the corner, just waiting to attack. Or even worse, a sn***.

Uh, yeah. Turned out to be pretty harmless.
Plastic dog tags on a string.
It COULD have been something else...

Felt the need to get the instruments OUT more this year. I need them to be in kids' hands, not in drawers/closets. They need to be in sight!

Ah....starting to look like a learning environment!
I'll sleep well tonight.

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