Monday, July 19, 2010

Cheer for Me

Alternate titles for this blog post:
"Deflector Shield Included"
"Realistic Elements of Potty"
"Contributions that Count"

Oh, to be a mother of an almost two year old. I'm happily watching (from a safe, dry distance) a friend embark on the ever-frustrating process of potty-training her daughter. Imagine my delight at finding this plastic piece of joy in her living room (yes, it travels).

I could write an entire chapter on the details of this singing toilet, but I'll let the product description do the work for me:

Cheer for Me Potty by Fisher Price

The potty responds to the child’s actions in many ways with phrases, music, and sound effects. Realistic elements of potty encourage transition to grown-up toilet. Your child will hear a response or encouragement when:

* the seat lid is opened and closed * the flusher is pulled * the toilet paper roll is spun * when the child sits * and most importantly when the child makes a “contribution.”

There are three stages of use:

(1) The full potty on the floor for the beginner, (2) the seat and back of the potty comes off with the electronics and snaps onto the adult toilet for the intermediary stages, and (3) the seat and lid come off and snap onto the adult seat.

Bowl removes easily for cleanup. Deflector shield included.


Hmm...need I say more!? Too funny! (I do realize this is only

funny until I have to start potty training a little one of my own...


Two final options:

Precious Planet Froggy Friend Potty
(PPFFP for short)

My personal favorite.

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Brenda L said...

Oh Brenda! I always love your blogs they make my day. But I must say that potties, no matter how cute, do NOT belong in the living room. There is a reason we have a specific room for those actions, the sooner we learn that the better. But best of luck to your friend on her parenting adventures.