Monday, July 5, 2010

There's No Place Like Gnome

While my brother Brad was busy learning how to jump out of planes in hot and humid Georgia, we were busy shopping. Indoors. In air conditioning. With food courts.

In order to alleviate SOME of my guilt, I kidnapped - make that GNOME-napped - one of the 2 hundred gnomes in my mother's backyard, and took him along for the ride. Sent Brad pics everyone once in a while, so he'd be in on the fun.

I will be your travel gnome for the day.

Mullets Gone Bad.

Mind the Gap.

Big Brother Brewer!


Dang. The gig's up. They're on to us.

I think the scary fingernails add a
nice touch to the Always Welcome sign.


Gnome at last!

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