Thursday, July 8, 2010


All I wanted to do was float. In a boat. With a goat. goat. JUST BOAT!

ARGH, MATEY! Ready to hit the water! (And, not wanting my brand new eye to drown, I stored it safely in the glove compartment of the boat, and donned this lovely eyepatch.) GAME ON!

Started with two...

...and seemed to lose a ski on the way!
Yes, on purpose. BOOYA!

"What? Haven't you seen a skiing pirate before!?"

Fierce. I LOVE slaloming!

Dad's turn - catching some air!

Love, love, love to ski!

Mom at the helm. Punch it!

Well, hello there.

Doesn't every family have their very own
glass eye in a cup in THEIR boat?

I believe this would be the above-mentioned FLOATING.

These fun new things Mom introduced me to: mozzarella whips.
YUM. (sheesh, my suit is crazy-busy!)

"Look at the swans!" says Dad.
To which I promptly stopped eating my cheese,
bolted up to view, only to discover a family of geese.
We're working on animal identification with him.

Happy. Happy. Happy.

After all that time on the lake, I was able to sneak in an evening worship service with Bob and Linda at First United Lutheran. Well, AMEN to a wonderful day!

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d.n.williamson said...

wish we would have caught up, even if briefly. Great pics. And, they're not swans...but I don't think they are ducks either. Aren't they geese?