Sunday, July 18, 2010

La Vida Bonita

The Santa Fe and I are getting to know each other quite well.
Put 164 miles on her today. Booya.
I have almost settled on a the end of the week for sure.

In the mean time, my zooming travels
up and down I-25 brought me a day full of joy!

Shut the front door.
Sarah's wearing a DRESS!
Brenda's wearing a DRESS!
It was a photo opportunity, people.
Doesn't happen everyday.

Church was a whirlwind today: duet at the piano with Andrea, we welcomed our new organist, Rick Seaton (check out his website), baby Katie was baptized, communion, VBS with the summer crew, and finally, a little Gershwin on the piano during Rick's reception. All of this before 1pm! Here's today's awesome sermon, too. A little bit Mary, a little bit Martha.

Zoomed over to Arvada for a baby shower for Corrina, a pal from Regis. Need to see these people more often. Marcia (that's mar-see-ah) and I were simply tickled by this crazy looking turtle. Not sure if the eyes are darling or demented...we're going to go with darling, as it's for a small baby!

Looking better from this angle.
(Although Marcia (that's mar-sha) in the back ground isn't so sure...)

Giraffe wrapping paper.
Coolest wrapping paper ever.

Why is that baby on the box looking at me?

Brennan's toy before Brenda...

Brennan's toy after Brenda.

Zoomed back home for a bit, then turned around and headed to Casa Bonita (I know, I know) to meet a high school pal who was riding through the state with her family. Once again, thank you Facebook for making this meeting possible. Liam's loving the fountains outside!

For those who sadly haven't experienced this fine dining establishment (I hadn't been there in the 9 years I've lived here), it's kind of like Pirates of the Caribbean meets a kitschy Chili's. Very odd place, full of activity, diving people, loud mariachi bands, bright lights, and lonely waiters. And a wandering gorilla. Did I mention the gorilla?

Such a crazy fun day! Such amazing people!

Such a day filled with blessings!

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Ann Herrell said...

I can't BELIEVE you never went to Casa Bonita till now! Unreal! (both to go, and not to go)