Thursday, October 14, 2010

When Ladles Attack

"There was a man, lived in the moon,
and his name was Aitken Drum.
And he played upon a ladle,
and his name was Aitken Drum."

And old song that goes on to describe a hat made out of cream cheese, a coat made out of roast beef, and other random items of clothing made out of food. My kiddos created some new versions of this song.

They are the funniest children alive.

Highlights: Tim Burton-like face, gingerbread coat,
3-D banana moon, pufferfish-inflamed hands and bean pants.

"Honey, what's that under your Aitken Man?"
"Spaceship #1, Ms. G. How else do you expect him to get to the moon?!"

Surfer Aitken Drum

Ukelele Aitken Drum, with cheddar cheese-block pants.

Just chill-axin' on the moon.
Now, there's a stick man with some personality.

I'm a bit concerned about the wings on the eyes.
Though, the cow skin shoulder pads were a nice touch.

Edward Scissorhands lesser known brother,
Aitken Pizzahands

Knock-knees and a grape skirt with Cool-Aid.

When ladles attack.

You've heard of ten-gallon hats...
Well, the ten-gallon pants with matching shoes are now available.

I asked this child what food group he used to create his Aitken Drum.

His reply?


Love these kids.

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