Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blessing of the Betas

Each year, in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi, we hold a blessing of the animals at Bethany. Heaven knows any pet of mine could use all the help they can get to survive living with me, so, I brought my 2 beta fish to the blessing. Yes. My 2 beta fish. In the car. From Castle Rock to church. 22 miles there, 22 miles back. Poor things better live forever, for as much sloshing as I put them through!

Guide dog in training.
These dogs are a blessing to others!

Would you look at all those smiles!?
Even little Blue fish is smiling!

Look at these little ones! Too cute to not capture.

Yikes! Not as cute!
AND he kept wanting to eat my fish!

Mary Anne's dog kept mooning me. Fine then.

Here, fishy fishy!

Bren and Holden, chilling in the shade.

Musical numbers included, at no extra charge!

"...God bless these fish who keep Brenda company..."

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