Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hall and Oat(meal)

Jen and Matt got married! Mr. and Mrs. Hall!
Beautiful ceremony at the Catholic Church! 9/25/2010
Lovely reception at the Inverness! SO pretty!
And, those flowers are GLOWING. Super cool.

Table 14. Waaaaaay in the back.
Jen knows us well.... :)

Out of nowhere, the little flower girl comes over to our table for a hug - she's one of my first graders! Didn't realize that during the ceremony! Her dress had flower petals in the hem and she was just as cute as could be!

Ann and Kim

Kelly and Van
(We were laughing at their name card - the flowers actually told the waiters which entree to bring to our table. We just thought they got a special card for being such a special couple... HA!)

Bren and Nicola

Little MAN! Here's Beth's little guy, Evan, who came to visit us during the meal! Beth was a bridesmaid and we were happy to give Evan's dad a little break. Such a happy little man!

Okay, I admit it: I was just as enthralled (if not more)
with the bubbles as Evan was.


Sweet pea.

Time for some Oatmeal.
(what's with my tongue?!)

Really, now. I couldn't be happier.

Again with the bubbles...

Okay, favorite picture of these two!
They were worse than Hollywood PAPARAZZI!

Laughing so hard we were crying!

We simply cannot speak without the full use of our hands.

JEN! Dance time.

Her dress was beautiful!

Teammates together again!


Evan and his mama

These two were a hoot!

Why, pray tell, do I look so pensive?!

Finally figured out what was making the flowers glow!

There's the whole gang! Congrats, Jen and Matt!

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The Quietts said...

Oh I loved reliving that night! So much fun!