Monday, October 18, 2010

Sheltering Friends: The Day Before

OH. MY. GOODNESS! The time had finally arrived: it was the day before the Denver Rock'N'Roll Marathon. (How did I get myself into this again!?) Everyone had to pick up their own race packet at the Expo downtown. Packed with people and vendors, there were plenty of things to do, see, read, and buy!

Similar to our Soles for Souls campaign earlier this year (those shoes went to Haiti), this company also collected gently used shoes. The owner travels to marathons around the country and swaps used athletic shoes for a simple pair of flip-fl0ps to wear home.

WHAT!? Andrea already finished!? And look
at that time! Gotta love photo backdrops!

Honestly, the obsession this marathon has with port-a-pottys! Just crazy. We received an e-mail 2 weeks ago about paying to use some special, climate-controlled VIP port-a-pottys. Seriously? Just have them semi-clean, stocked with toilet paper, and do something about that smell, and I'm good!

Good grief, here are the goods. Can you spy:
-my wonderful, new, red, blessed shoes?
-my 72 ounce water bladder?
-the palm cross?
-two bottles of pain reliever?

My favorites from the race goody-bag: some Wheat Thins and the world's smallest olive oil and balsamic vinegar bottles! Really?

Isn't this lovely? Our dinner on October 16th.
Pre-Marathon sheltering at Andrea and Bruce Spronk's home.

Get. me. a. plate. :)

Parker Lacy, just hanging with his Gameboy.
And yes, his shirt really is that bright.


The Evil Training Schedule. Note the day we are
finally able to point to! DAY BEFORE!

Who needs meat to be happy? Not Sue Ann!

Our super supporters, Parker, his mom, Lynn, and Bruce!
Hooray for people that will cheer and drive during the marathon!

The Faithful Soles!
Ron, Andrea, Bob
Brenda, Mark, Sarah

Let's add Sue Ann (and our cool gang signs) to the picture!

Charlie's Angels!? God's perhaps! I think we
had all lost it by this point... HAPPY TIMES!

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