Sunday, October 31, 2010

Julie (good), Martha (bad)

I feel the need to put all the October photos to REST before the stroke of midnight. I've realized that Halloween is NOT my holiday - I also realize I've never taught during this holiday before (I've always been off-track, and this year is traditional calendar), so I'm not used to my sugared-up kids. MUCH worse than any other celebration or holiday AND it involves costumes, etc. Oy. Enough already. Tomorrow is November!

Ooh la la, Castle Rock in Fall.

Hey, if Pepsi can do it, so can the rest of us.

I complimented this kiddo on their Yoda shirt.
They looked at me in complete horror.
Seriously, Yoda, ET. Both creepy alien guys.

Kelly's husband, Van, absolutely LOVES her bling shirt.
It needed to be featured on this blog. Blog bling.

So, my piano is in a new spot this year, which puts the kids right next to the wall with the emergency call buttons. We've been bumping them all year (my apologies once again to the patient office staff), and I explained the "Cry Wolf" story to my kids. Right after I told them about how the wolf ate up all the sheep, one kiddo responded, "Dang, that's karma!"

Rock. Paper. SCISSORS.

We R 2 cool 4 U

I am NOT a Martha Stewart fan.
Never have been, never will be.
Martha has been taking over the Hallmark Channel, slowly edging out my Golden Girls and knocking my Little House right off the Prairie. My oh-so-amusing lunch lady put this on my desk the other day.
Not funny.

Look at the disgusting things Martha features.

Morels? Eew-els.

Anything that looks like it's going
to eat me will not be on my plate.

Crime scene.

Go ahead, say it....SKEWER.

Really? REALLY? Eew, Martha. Eew.

Ok, and whomever signed me up for the "Perfect Wedding Destinations" and "Get Married" magazine subscription list is going to be hearing from me. My bets are on Grandma or Kim. Grr.

Mother of....ME! Dang, we look alike.
(Once my kiddos understood who this was, they became increasingly fascinated with the many small objects located on the entertainment center behind Mom. Especially the giant candy corn. They wondered when they could take a field trip to this magical place.)

Spare eyes! (Sweet truffles from Joe the Cook.)

Tools of the trade, and a pattern from a kiddo.



Really?! Tell me who needs a pumpkin that big?

Our report card system has changed in our school district,
and this school clearly believes in communicating this to the public.

Oh, well that clears everything up.

The Sound of Music flashback! I actually learned
how to play the guitar for this role!

Julie Andrews on Oprah!
(I believe I made it home in record time that afternoon.
I THINK I stopped at the stop signs on the way...not sure...)

I will meet her someday. Oh, yes. I will meet her.

The real Maria and JULIE!

Christopher Plummer and...JULIE!

Goodbye, October 2010. It's been lovely.


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Corrina said...

I'm so glad you were able to get home to Oprah and Julie in time! :-)