Monday, October 18, 2010

Give Your Sole

Give Your Sole: this is a public charity whose mission is to provide less fortunate men, women, and children with moderately worn athletic shoes collected at race events. Click here to view their main site.

We met the founder of this organization, Brett Byrd, this past weekend when prepping for the Denver Marathon. They travel across the U.S. and attend marathons in hopes of collecting shoes from all the runners and participants. They then donate the shoes to a local rescue mission to help the homeless in the community the race is held.

This weekend they collected 425 pairs of shoes, 50 bags of clothes and 4 pallets of water for the Denver Rescue Mission.

We have an opportunity to help them further their cause by simply voting for them to win a Stay Classy Award as the Most Effective Awareness Campaign which could result in a $10,000 donation if they were to win. Please click here link to vote for them in Chicago, LA, Vegas and NY. Vote for them in all 4 cities if you can!

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